Van Gogh's Inner Circle: Friends Family Models

Van Gogh's Inner Circle: Friends Family Models - Sjraar van Heugten;Helewise Berger;Laura Prins - Knihy
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11. 12. 2019
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Richly illustrated catalogue accompanying a new exhibition focused on Van Gogh's relationships with family, friends and models. The exhibition runs from 21 September 2019 to 12 January 2020, Her Noordbrabants Museum, Den Bosch, The Netherlands Features works never previously exhibited as well as popular masterpieces Challenges the accepted image of Van Gogh as a tormented, solitary artist A groundbreaking new exhibition will be presented by the Het Noordbrabants Museum, focusing on the impact o..
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Datum vydání: 11. 12. 2019
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ISBN: 978-1-78884-043-9