The October Man: A Rivers of London Novella

The October Man: A Rivers of London Novella - Aaronovitch Ben - Knihy
Datum vydání
11. 6. 2020
239 Kč
213 Kč
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Trier is famous for wine, Romans and for being Germany's oldest city. So when a man is found dead with, his body impossibly covered in a fungal rot, the local authorities know they are out of their depth. Fortunately this is Germany, where there are procedures for everything. Enter Investigator Tobias Winter, whose aim is to get in, deal with the problem, and get out with the minimum of fuss, personal danger and paperwork. With the help of frighteningly enthusiastic local cop, Vanessa Sommer, ..
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Kategorie a štítky
Typ produktu: Kniha
Datum vydání: 11. 6. 2020
Jazyk: anglicky
Výška: 197 mm
Šířka: 129 mm
Hloubka: 17 mm
Hmotnost: 170 g
Počet stran: 192
EAN: 9781473224322