The Hobbit : or There and Back Again

The Hobbit : or There and Back Again - John Ronald Reuel Tolkien - Knihy
Datum vydání
1. 8. 2006
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The Hobbit is a tale of high adventure, undertaken by a company of dwarves in search of dragon-guarded gold. A reluctant partner in this perilous quest is Bilbo Baggins, a comfort-loving unambitious hobbit, who surprises even himself by his resourcefulness and skill as a burglar. Encounters with trolls, goblins, dwarves, elves and giant spiders, conversations with the dragon, Smaug, and a rather unwilling presence at the Battle of Five Armies are just some of the adventures that befall Bilbo. Bi..
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Kategorie a štítky
Typ produktu: Kniha
Datum vydání: 1. 8. 2006
Jazyk: anglicky
Hmotnost: 220 g
Hloubka: 35 mm
Šířka: 94 mm
Výška: 179 mm
Počet stran: 390
EAN: 9780261102217
ISBN: 978-0-261-10221-7