The Confession of a Bear

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Autor: Wej SunNakladatel: BetterLink Press
Datum vydání
12. 6. 2015
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This story by one of China's best contemporary authors offers great insight into modern Chinese society. The hustle and bustle of twenty-first century Shanghai serves as a backdrop for a story rive with office politics and social intrigue. An aimless man, lacking the ambition that those around him possess, is tasked with delivering donated satellite phone equipment to a remote village where the people are peaceful and lead lives that are the complete opposite of his colleagues in the city. In that remote village, the man becomes acquainted with the wild bears that are arcane symbols of long lost virtues. His presence changes the village, while his absence from work makes him an unwitting player and pawn to an office coup in the making, one that will change his life for either better or worse. in author, Sun Wei's search from deliverance from the malaise in modern Chinese society, she discovered that real wisdom and elegance can be found in the cultures of ancient times, when people were at peace with their souls and ontent with the generosity of Mother Nature instead of being tormented by the pursuit of wealth.
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