Smart Swarm

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Autor: Miller PeterNakladatel: HarperCollins
Datum vydání
5. 8. 2010
299 Kč

How Understanding Flocks, Schools and Colonies Can Make Us Better at Communicating, Decision Making and Getting Things Done. The modern world may be obsessed with speed and productivity, but twenty-first century humans actually have much to learn from the ancient instincts of swarms. A fascinating new take on the concept of collective intelligence and its colourful manifestations in some of our most complex problems, Smart Swarm introduces a compelling new understanding of the real experts on so..
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Typ produktu: Kniha
Datum vydání: 5. 8. 2010
Jazyk: anglicky
Hmotnost: 467 g
Hloubka: 28 mm
Šířka: 153 mm
Výška: 232 mm
Počet stran: 304
EAN: 9780007393749