Ming´s Adventure on the Great Wall of China

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Autor: Jian LiNakladatel: BetterLink Press
Datum vydání
28. 10. 2014
99 Kč

After Ming's exciting adventures in the Forbidden City, Ming and his father travel to the Great Wall to learn more about the creation of the longest structure ever build by humans. On their way, they take a wrong turn, leading to a great adventure as Ming and his father get to tour the wall and encounter all sorts of important figures from history and literature!
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Typ produktu: Kniha
Vazba: Vázaná
Datum vydání: 28. 10. 2014
Počet stran: 42
Výška: 240 mm
Šířka: 240 mm
Hloubka: 5 mm
Hmotnost: 409 g
EAN: 9781602209879
ISBN: 978-1-60220-987-9