Millennium People

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Autor: Ballard J. G.Nakladatel: HarperCollins
Datum vydání
7. 6. 2004
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Violent rebellion comes to London's middle classes. As he searches for the truth behind the Heathrow bomb that killed his ex-wife, psychologist David Markham infiltrates a shadowy protest group based in the comfortable Chelsea Marina. Led by a charismatic doctor, it aims to rouse the docile middle classes and to free them from the burdens of civic responsibility. Soon Markham is swept up in a campaign that spirals out of control - as the cornerstones of middle England become targets and growing panic grips the capital. This edition is part of a new commemorative series of Ballard's works, featuring introductions from a number of his admirers (including Martin Amis, Ali Smith, Hari Kunzru and China Mieville) and brand-new cover designs.
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Datum vydání: 7. 6. 2004
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