Cat Stevens: New Masters - LP

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Autor: Stevens CatNakladatel: Universal Music
Datum vydání
27. 3. 2020
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New Masters is the second studio album by singer-songwriter Cat Stevens, released in December 1967 by Deram Records (a subsidiary of Decca Records) as a follow up to the highly successful debut album, Matthew and Son.

This new edition feature 'newly enhanced' vocals courtesy of Abbey Road Studios' 'demix' software used on the original master tapes. SDE's understanding is that this is used when the vocals are not available isolated on one channel (because otherwise you could simp..

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Typ produktu: Vinyly
Datum vydání: 27. 3. 2020
Jazyk: česky
Hmotnost: 295 g
Hloubka: 6 mm
Šířka: 295 mm
Výška: 314 mm
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