Autor: Porter MaxNakladatel: Faber & Faber
Datum vydání
23. 7. 2019
299 Kč
263 Kč
36 Kč

Not far from London, there is a village. This village belongs to the people who live in it and to those who lived in it hundreds of years ago. It belongs to England's mysterious past and its confounding present. It belongs to Mad Pete, the grizzled artist. To ancient Peggy, gossiping at her gate. To families dead for generations, and to those who have only recently moved here. But it also belongs to Dead Papa Toothwort who has woken from his slumber in the woods. Dead Papa Toothwort, who i..
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Kategorie a štítky
Typ produktu: Kniha
Datum vydání: 23. 7. 2019
Jazyk: anglicky
Hmotnost: 338 g
Hloubka: 23 mm
Šířka: 136 mm
Výška: 206 mm
Počet stran: 220
EAN: 9780571340286
ISBN: 978-0-571-34028-6