Jump In! A Class Audio CD

Jump In! A Class Audio CD - Reilly Vanessa - Knihy
Datum vydání
1. 9. 2017
339 Kč
305 Kč
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Published 2017. Jump In! is a three-level British-English pre-primary course with storytelling at its heart. Students join Frankie the frog on his adventures immersing themselves in a fun and imaginative context for learning. Its communicative approach gets students talking through play and teaches social and emotional skills alongside language. Jump In! supports you with an easy-to-teach methodology, lots of additional resources and the Classroom Presentation Tool with on-screen Class Book fo..
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Kategorie a štítky
Edice: Jump In!
Typ produktu: CD
Datum vydání: 1. 9. 2017
Jazyk: anglicky
Hmotnost: 100 g
Hloubka: 12 mm
Šířka: 112 mm
Výška: 142 mm
EAN: 9780194045773