Greyhound (Film Tie In)

Autor: Forester C. S.Nakladatel: Penguin Books
Greyhound (Film Tie In) - Forester C. S. - Knihy
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1. 6. 2020
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Set in early days of WWII, 'Greyhound' is the story of an international convoy of 37 Allied ships, led by Captain Ernest Krause in his first command of a US destroyer. The convoy ploughs through icy, submarine-infested North Atlantic seas while hotly pursued by wolf packs of Nazi U-boats. Faced with 48 hours of desperate peril, Captain Krause's hopeless mission is doomed to fail. But armed with extraordinary courage and grit, hope may just be on the horizon.
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Datum vydání: 1. 6. 2020
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