Diary of a Wimpy Kid 10

Old School

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 10 - Jeff Kinney - Knihy
Datum vydání
3. 11. 2015
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Get ready, book 10 in the phenomenally bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is coming! Life was better in the old days. Or was it? That's the question Greg Heffley is asking as his town voluntarily unplugs and goes electronics-free. But modern life has its conveniences, and Greg isn't cut out for an old-fashioned world. With tension building inside and outside the Heffley home, will Greg find a way to survive? Or is going 'old school' just too hard for a kid like Greg?
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Typ produktu: Kniha
Vazba: Vázaná
Datum vydání: 3. 11. 2015
Jazyk: anglicky
Hmotnost: 292 g
Hloubka: 20 mm
Šířka: 135 mm
Výška: 205 mm
Počet stran: 224
EAN: 9780141365091
ISBN: 978-0-141-36509-1