Crystal Grids: The Power of Crystals and Sacred Geometry to Heal, Protect, and Inspire

Autor: Kiera FoggNakladatel: Quarto
Datum vydání
17. 8. 2019
529 Kč

While healing crystals are increasingly becoming a mainstream phenomenon, the concept of crystal grids remains unfamiliar and overwhelming to many. Crystal Grids is a simple and easy-to follow guide that shows how to build crystal grids with confidence and use the power of crystal grids to help accomplish specific goals and intentions. Author, Keira Fogg has put together 30 grids, exquisitely photographed in a range of settings, and the sacred geometry of each grid is revealed in a small art-wor..
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Datum vydání: 17. 8. 2019
Počet stran: 128
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