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Corporate Identity in the Czech Republic!

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5. 12. 2008
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The publication CI.CZ 1990–2007: Corporate Identity in the Czech Republic is intended to acquaint professionals and the general public with a selection of the best in Czech corporate design from the first year after the Velvet Revolution to the present.

The editors/co-authors, Michal Richtr and Alan Záruba, have endeavoured to compile a selection of 38 projects, which have for various reasons set a standard in the field. Apart from corporate-style projects for large Czech companies, banks and other financial institutions with international operations, the publication includes visual-presentation projects for smaller businesses, non-profit organizations, institutions professionally involved in the arts and education, and NGOs, as well as cities and regions of the Czech Republic.

The projects are introduced with an article about the history of corporate design in the Czechoslovakia and, later, the Czech Republic and an article describing in detail the methods used by experts in the creation and development of corporate visual style in the Czech Republic. The volume also includes biographical sketches of individual designers and a glossary of some of the more frequently used terms.

CI.CZ 1990–2007 is the first publication about Czech corporate design presented by people professionally involved in the field.

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