Asia´s Cauldron

Autor: Kaplan RobertNakladatel: Random House
Asia´s Cauldron - Kaplan Robert - Knihy
Datum vydání
14. 1. 2015
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NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY FINANCIAL TIMES From Robert D. Kaplan, named one of the world's Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine, comes a penetrating look at the volatile region that will dominate the future of geopolitical conflict. Over the last decade, the center of world power has been quietly shifting from Europe to Asia. With oil reserves of several billion barrels, an estimated nine hundred trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and several centuries' worth of co..
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Datum vydání: 14. 1. 2015
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ISBN: 978-0-8129-8480-4