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Autor: Franz KafkaNakladatel: Penguin Books
Datum vydání
17. 7. 2019
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Karl Rossman has been banished by his parents to America, following a family scandal. There, with unquenchable optimism, he throws himself into the strange experiences that lie before him as he slowly makes his way into the interior of the great continent. Although Kafka's first novel (begun in 1911 and never finished), can be read as a menacing allegory of modern life, it is also infused with a quite un-Kafkaesque blitheness and sunniness, brought to life in this lyrical translation that ret..
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Datum vydání: 17. 7. 2019
Jazyk: anglicky
Výška: 198 mm
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Počet stran: 256
EAN: 9780241372586
ISBN: 978-0-241-37258-6